I love working in the chemistry lab and have done Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) research at the California Institute of Technology in the laboratory of Dr. John D. Roberts, who is one of the early contributors to NMR theory.

The atomic baker doing NMR Spectral Analysis


I’m currently taking a few chemistry classes to prepare myself for taking the chemistry GRE and applying to grad school.

I have a BS in Human Biology and a reverent fascination with human anatomy. I also enjoy drawing and painting anatomical specimens.


I enjoy talking about the latest advances in science but I absolutely love to help people understand science. Especially those who have a hard time learning.

I think I would like to teach someday, especially to be able to reach people that aren’t exposed to science or think it is beyond them.

A little secret about me? I almost flunked out of high school and didn’t find science until college… and it changed my life.


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